Are you planning to relocate your business to a new real estate property? The move can either affect your business positively or negatively. You need to ensure that you come up with good criteria to ease decision making.

Certain factors are more important than others since they determine the growth of your business. Though you may find numerous commercial property in the market, lease the one that meets most of your requirements. Start with the following considerations.


Your business relies heavily on your customers. Envision how easy it will be for your customers to access your new business location. Some of your customers may be commuters while others may have cars. Make sure your location accommodates the needs of both categories. Those with vehicles should be able to park outside the new area without hindrances. Adequate parking space can also benefit your staff.


One of the reasons why businesspeople relocate to new locations is space. You should ensure that you get adequate space for your staff. The type of business you run should also help you determine the amount of space you need. If for instance, you run a design studio, you may need additional space compared to a call centre business.

There are also laws which govern how much space each employee needs in a company. Try to consider real estate properties that offer enough space for your requirements. If you intend to expand your business in the future, ensure you get adequate rooms so that you don’t have to relocate again.

Available amenities

While looking for the right space for your business, you should compare the available amenities in different properties. The facilities can help you attract and also retain loyal staff. You need to choose a location that can cater to the needs of your employees. The best property should increase convenience for workers.

For instance, you can select one that has a joint for workers to buy fast food or banks for convenient cash transactions. A supermarket near the location can also come in handy. Part of the amenities includes what the interior contains. Employees like working in an office that has natural light and is well ventilated. Remember to ask about the internet supply options available before making up your mind.


Customers may not find your new business premises if you don’t advertise it well. Adequate signage is important for the growth of your business. Ensure that the property lets you put up enough signs which customers can easily spot. You can use both office-door and on-building signage to advertise your business to potential clients. If you run a retail business choose a building that offers multiple window signage opportunities.